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About Moonscape Landscape Illumination

Moonscape Landscape Illumination was incorporated in 1992 in St. Charles. The previous owner had a vision of providing innovative lighting concepts to residential areas in and around St. Charles and the surrounding communities. He successfully marketed the business and provided lighting services to many of the same clients we have today.

Mark Graf, current owner of Moonscape Landscape Illuminationbegan digging ditches and working on the crew as a summer job in 2002. Mark was part of the crew on and off for a few summers in between his time at college. He learned the way the business was supposed to be run from the ground up. Being part of the crew gave him a unique perspective on how the lighting process was completed correctly. Mark would dig electrical lines, climb trees and set lights with the crew. He eventually began ascending the company and was able to begin selling lighting designs to potential clients. The transformation from crew member to owner was nearly complete.

In 2008, Mark approached the original owners with an offer to purchase the business. They agreed and in 2008, Mark was the sole owner of Moonscape Landscape Illumination. Mark has a unique vision for each project he encounters. This stems from his time as a crew member and his ability to understand what the customer wants and make that vision come alive. Mark is passionate about designing and creating the “moonlighting” scene in each project. Every client has different needs and wants, and unique landscaping layouts which need to be custom for each home. 

Moonscape Landscape Illumination is a family owned company which has been designing, installing, maintaining and enhancing outdoor lighting systems across Chicagoland for over 25 years. The foundation of the company is based on artistic quality and customer satisfaction. Each custom implementation is created to accent your property in particular. Mark will work with you to determine the best outdoor lighting design. Your Moonscape lighting installation will be functionally reliable, beautifully unique, and environmentally efficient. The outdoor lighting systems Mark designs will meet your aesthetic and security requirements while maintaining a reasonable budget. Mark is dedicated to providing professional outdoor lighting systems so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of your property.

Mark and Moonscape are a proud member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. AOLP was originally established in 2001 as a trade association whose membership consists of contractors, manufacturers, lighting designers, landscape architects and distributors from all over the U.S. and Canada. The main goal of AOLP is to promote and advance the landscape and architectural lighting industry for lighting designers and installers, distributors and business-to-business manufacturers.

What Sets Moonscape Landscape Illumination Apart?

Mark says, “The unique “moonlighting” aspect is what sets us apart from our competition. Instead of installing dozens of pathlights and uplights, we can “moonlight” your yard from above with only a few moonlight fixtures. Our arborists climb each tree and install each moonlight in the best possible location to create the “moonlight” shadows over your lawn and patio areas. This technique is both cost efficient and energy efficient as we use less fixtures.”

Areas Served

We have recently completed projects in the following areas:


Call Mark for a free quote on your St. Charles outdoor LED lighting installation project. If you live in St. Charles or West Chicago, Batavia or Geneva and are interested in how Moonscape Landscape Illumination can create a unique atmosphere for your backyard, give us a call today. Fill out the form to the right and we will set a Free Consultation when is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you.


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