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Our Process

When a homeowner contacts Moonscape regarding outdoor LED lighting, Mark will personally come out to meet with them. The original meeting is to understand the potential customer’s needs, wants and vision of the project. Many times, potential customers see a design in a neighbor’s yard or in a magazine and want to recreate something similar for their own yard. Mark takes the time to educate the homeowner on the difference between traditional uplighting versus moonscape. He also explains the difference between old school lighting and the new approach of LED lights which are more energy efficient, safe and save money.

Common LED Lighting Needs

A few common needs customers are typically looking for include security lighting, aesthetic lighting, wayfinding, entertainment, and a moonlight design. Each of these is explained a bit more below:

Security Lighting: This type of lighting need is common in many potential customers. They want to have an additional sense of security around their home. Mark will design lighting for the front of the home and surrounding trees. This will illuminate the front of the home for additional security at dusk.

Aesthetic Lighting: Another common lighting need from homeowners. This is similar to entertainment lighting, though the intent is a bit different. Mark will design lighting which illuminates the back of the home and back landscape. The intent is to have a beautiful view from inside the home looking out into the backyard. Many times, these customers either have smaller yards or do not use the backyard as much as they would like to. It is also one of the most commonly used techniques used to illuminate homes, trees, and plants.

Wayfinding: This type of lighting refers to illuminating landmarks, signage, pathways, and environmental cues to help first- time visitors navigate and experience a yard without confusion. When guests navigate easily through moonlight and the created landscape scenes, they feel relaxed and tend to enjoy themselves more. This is due to the fact people are naturally drawn toward illumination and illuminated spaces.

Entertainment Lighting: Many potential clients have a great yard space, but are unsure how to make use of it once the sun goes down. Mark often wonders why one would stop enjoying your meticulously cared for home and grounds when the sun goes down? With Moonscape Landscape Illumination, all facets of your property can be accented and even highlighted during the dark hours. Entertaining company at night now becomes an adventure in elegance. Imagine the unlocked views of your property after dusk. Landscaping, architecture, fountains, and pools come to life with outdoor lighting that accents many of your most valued investments. Make after-dark entertaining an adventure in elegance by showcasing your newest addition – a beautifully lit home and grounds.

Moonlight Design: This unique type of lighting is what our business is all about. It is a personal design based on satisfying the customers needs while incorporating Mark’s own ideas on how to best showcase a homeowner’s property. Mark will design and moonlight a custom lighting system just for your home. This is a unique lighting system which uses down lighting to mimic natural light, where the fixture is located overhead with the light shining down from above, creating a moonlight effect. Make after-dark entertaining an adventure in elegance by showcasing your newest addition – a beautifully lit home and grounds. 

LED Lighting Installation

Installation of LED lights is a more laborious process than traditional uplighting. The process is longer but worth the time and effort in the long run. The Moonscape Landscape Illumination crew begins by trenching, digging small trenches in the landscape where the electric wires will be placed. Once the trenches are dug, the crew will begin laying wire in the ground running from tree to tree and to the home. The wire is placed in the trenches which are typically 8-10 inches deep. If our crew needs to add downlighting for the moonscape effect, they will climb each tree, trim if necessary and add the lights by hand. We have skilled arborists which climb each tree. We do not use lifts, cherry pickers, or other equipment. Once the lights are in place, our certified electrician connects the wire cables to each fixture and positions each fixture in the appropriate space as to illuminate the landscape.

Once the installation is complete, Mark will schedule an “after hours” meeting with the homeowner in order to review the final lighting product and compare with the initial project design. Mark and the homeowner will view the lights at night and determine if any changes need to be made to the project.


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