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Moonscape Begins in St. Charles

Moonscape Landscape Illumination is a family business which began in St. Charles, Il nearly 30 years ago. We recently moved our operations to nearby Batavia as our company has grown and the business needed more room for expansion.

Anticipating Customer Wants

Over the years, we have installed thousands of outdoor lights to customers in St. Charles. Our clients have had many needs from downlighting, moonlighting, uplighting, outdoor lighting and yearly light repairs. When we first began, most of our lighting was uplighting (lights placed on the ground which face upward on your home or trees) and St. Charles landscape lighting. Our focus now is more on moonlight lighting (lights placed in your trees which point downward on your landscape mimicking the moonlight), though we still install other types of lighting projects.

In the early days, we used to use light bulbs. Those would need to be replaced and checked yearly to be sure they were working properly and not burnt out. Moonscape now solely uses LED lights which are brighter, whiter and last longer than other lights.

If you are interested in learning more about our process, give us a call today.

Below is an overview of our typical process when meeting a customer.

St. Charles Outdoor Lighting Process

We received a call to illuminate a new patio in a backyard for a customer in St. Charles. The back of their home only had two lighting fixtures outside the back door. The yard was dark and they wanted a little more light for safety for their children. We scheduled a free consultation on a day which was convenient for them.

When we first met, they asked to install twelve pathlights in the fresh landscape around their new patio. They asked for my ideas and were open to suggestions.

The Moonlight Effect

After surveying the surrounding landscape, I suggested the lighting technique known as “moonlighting”. Moonlighting is the mimic of natural moon light where the fixture is located overhead with the light shining down from above, creating a moonlit effect. A romantic feel is created by beautiful shadows and patterns through the branches and leaves of the tree.

With large trees around the new patio, I designed a Moonlight blueprint specific for their landscape. Instead of proposing twelve pathlights around the patio, I explained in my design, that a few moonlights installed high in the trees shining down would give more light than pathlights and would also create the subtle feeling of real moonlight shining down. They loved the idea and wanted us to begin as soon as possible.

With quite a bit of digging and tree climbing, we figured it would be a two day project. We began the project early on a Thursday morning. Our arborist arrived early Thursday, and started climbing trees as our electrician began digging and wiring. We finished our project around 4pm the same day.

Client is Amazed

As with most new projects, we came back after nightfall to make any necessary adjustments. We met with the client and once again went through my original design. They were amazed by the moonlight. With only a few fixtures high in the trees, the entire backyard was covered with our moonlight magic.

Here is a photo of our completed work.

St. Charles Customers

Our customers love our St. Charles outdoor lighting installations. Moonscape Landscape Illumination is your premier source for St. Charles landscape lighting and outdoor lighting. We are proud members of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, Angies List and the Better Business Bureau. When you call Moonscape, you will be treated by professional, friendly staff who schedule appointments when is convenient for you and you won’t have to pay for a consultation! Mark and his crew are experts in St. Charles LED outdoor lighting.

When you have Moonscape Landscape Illumination install your St. Charles outdoor lighting, you will be able to showcase your beautiful landscape at dusk. Friends, family and neighbors will envy your landscape lighting and the safety it provides your home when the sun goes down.

Contact Mark and he will show you several outdoor lighting designs which will enhance the beauty, safety and value of your home. Mark will come to your home and provide a free consultation on any St. Charles outdoor and landscape lighting project. You will not find anyone who works harder, more efficient and pays attention to detail as much as Moonscape Landscape Illumination.

Contact Mark at Moonscape 

Call Mark for a free quote on your St. Charles outdoor LED lighting installation project. If you live in St. Charles or West Chicago, Batavia or Geneva and are interested in how Moonscape Landscape Illumination can create a unique atmosphere for your backyard, give us a call today. Fill out the form to the right and we will set a Free Consultation when is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you.

Mark Graf

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